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By day, Christina helps build secure enterprise solutions for organizations looking to mature their Information Security and Information Protection programs. As an information security professional, she works to engineer solutions which solve complex issues, strengthen processes, automate tasks and increase productivity. 

Her ability to translate complex issues into technical requirements, allows the flexibility to serve as a liaison between senior-level business and technology stakeholders. Christina's technical expertise and excellent communication skills have enabled her to contribute to the delivery of exceptional user experiences, and well-received platforms, while upholding the principles of confidentiality, integrity, and availability. 


Interests and specializations


• Information Protection, Classification, Labeling and Protection (Encryption)

• Microsoft Azure, Enterprise Mobility, Azure Active Directory, Azure Information Protection

• Workflow Development and Automation
• Identity and Access/Insider Threat Management
• Security Administration 
• Enterprise Deployments

In addition to her professional work, Christina has been able to utilize her skills contributing to community projects including the grassroots initiative for Women of Color in Technology that she co-founded. Under this initiative, Christina developed, strategized and creatively directed three stock photo shoots, with the goal of furthering representation in tech. The shoots produced a collection of hi-res creative commons licensed photos used by a variety of press, bloggers as well as technology and business organizations. 


Christina advocates and is passionate about 

• Empowering women to follow careers in Cybersecurity and Technology 

• Leveraging the power of technology to keep organizations that she works with safe and secure

• Sharing security and privacy best practices with the community

• Being a supportive member of the tech ecosystem by supporting, connecting and creating opportunities for others


She also advises, speaks and mentors people, communities, and organizations who have an interest in technology. You can find her on TWITTER chatting about Information Security, tech, pop-culture, current events, parenting (balance does not exist, ask me why?), education and sharing her small wins and hardships as a career woman.  


Christina is based in NYC with her husband and family.

"Be inspired by the success of others but don't be intimidated by it." Daymond John